To say the Chateau is an ideal wedding venue may initially look to be a
bold claim, one that looks on par with the average politician’s promise in
the days before a General Election. But it is one we intend to justify for
two reasons:

a) We understand the trials and tribulations of organising such an
important event and the many joys in the days approaching the ceremony.
Here is a choice selection:

1) The wedding car developing a significant engine fault a week before
the wedding.
2) The spare part for said car is available only from a wholesaler in a
remote part of Australia.
3) The DJ has the strange idea that the happy couple (both fans of Abba),
really really want Nirvana to accompany the first dance.
4) Several guests do not understand how to use the online invitation
system works.
5) Important parties suddenly forget how long-distance direct-dial
telephoning works. After all, it only came to the UK in 1958, so maybe
some people have not yet learned of how it functions.
6) The dread words “We’ll call you back…”.
7) “By the way, did I tell you I am now a vegetarian?”. Twenty-four
hours before the ceremony.
8) “This is my new plus one”. Twelve hours before the ceremony.

9) “Hello, this is the caterer. There has been a slight problem with…”. On
the morning of the ceremony.
10) And – “I’d like to recite one of my poems”. Think of Bill Kerr’s
masterpiece for Hancock’s Half Hour:

Hic haec hoc,
Rinky dinky on purple grass,
Shafts of light, hob-nailed boots,
Tramping down the bamboo,
That grows upwards, downwards, sideways, Into the concrete cosmo,
Life is mauve, I am orange,
Hic haec hoc!

Only worse.

b) Even allowing for a certain degree of bias (and pride), the Chateau has
all the ingredients for the perfect setting for a wedding reception. We
hope that we will play a part in making one of the happiest days of your