As the weather improves and the evenings lengthen, it is time to consider which
car would be the most appropriate form of transport to the Chateau. Obviously,
it should be French, and naturally, it must be imbued with charm. And, after
careful deliberation (with myself), I have arrived at the unanimous decision: it
has to be the Citroën Dyane 6. And here are my reasons:

  1. It offers all of the 2CV’s virtues but with the bonus of a tailgate – very
    useful for that holiday luggage.
  2. The Dyane’s full-length fabric sunroof means you can appreciate more of
    the Loire Valley.
  3. You can remove both bench seats if you wish to hold a picnic or an
    outdoor birthday party in the grounds.
  4. It is more luxurious than the 2CV, which is admittedly not much of a
    challenge. Still, an ashtray and sliding front windows are decadent
    compared with the Deux Cheveax.
  5. You can benefit from such practical touches as a starting handle.
  6. The engine is incredibly economical on fuel.
  7. The days will (hopefully) be so warm that you will not notice the lack of
    a heater fan.
  8. The suspension can cope with the worst of French rural roads.
  9. The dashboard has very, very few distractions so that you can focus better
    on the road.
  10. And if you are not yet tempted, this Autocar report may convert you –
    ‘The wipers grind away like an electric cockroach, but to anybody with
    any soul left, it is fun’.
    And ‘fun’ is always the key to a Chateau holiday. Bon Voyage…