Useful contacts & services

How about personalising your stay? 


Your point of contact at the Chateau

Isabelle is French but speaks fluent English and knows the chateau inside out. She will be there to meet you, give you the keys and show you around as well as being the point of contact should you need anything while you’re there. You will be put in contact with her before your stay so you can make arrival arrangements with her.

Private Chef Services

Chef Guillaume Leroux

Chef Guillaume Leroux completed his apprenticeship for 3 years in Angers, not far from the castle, in a renowned restaurant: L’Hoirie. At the end of his training, he went on to work as chef de partie at the Michelin starred restaurant: Château de Noirieux in France before packing his bags for Oceania.
For a year and a half he worked in Melbourne, Australia with the executive chef of the famous restaurant “the European”. Then briefly returned to France to enjoy his family before flying to Malaysia where he worked for 6 months.

Following this rewarding experience, he continued his journey to New Zealand for 2 years alongside an English ex michelin-starred chef where he was second in the kitchen (Hugo’s bistro, Auckland).
The chef also found other inspirations during his travels in North and South America, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

He is now back in France to offer you his services. Combining many international influences with the high technicality of French gastronomy and local products, he hopes to enchant your meals.
Guillaume can also provide private cooking lessons.

Wedding Planner

Natalie Shaw

If you are considering holding your wedding at the chateau, we strongly advise you use a wedding planner. You are free to choose whichever wedding planner you like, however, we work with Natalie Shaw and you can review some of her reviews here: