At this time of year, many of us have pleasant visions of Christmas in a hotel; waited upon hand and foot with no rows about the television/catering standards/who forgot to invite whom. Equally, there are countless families who crave just a tad more domestic space on the 25th December. It is frequently a time of the year when various cousins, uncles, aunts, in-laws and friends are packed into the living room in the manner of the cabin scene in A Night at the Opera. You could barely hear the Queen’s Speech while someone is almost guaranteed to step in the open tin of Quality Street.

Fortunately, we at Chateau de Bois Giraud have the ideal solution with our offer of £4,950 for one week and £7,950. There is room enough for several families, plus their friends, and such is the size of the main building, there is room to relax and the modern convenience of central heating in every wood. It should also be noted that the kitchen is more than large enough to accommodate a mini Brigade de cuisine with a larder that can store of your shopping from the boulangerie. Nor should any member of the party who acts as Chef de Cuisine have a shortage of helpers, even if the 22 acres of grounds contains any number of hiding places for the potential shirker. However, we feel certain that no guest would behave so caddishly when there is brined roast goose with orange glaze to prepare on the cooking range.

The Chateau presents the unmissable opportunity to experience the Loire Valley at Christmas, an experience that really does merit the over-used phrase ‘unforgettable’. Some may wish to drive to Angers to experience the famed markets, to ride the Ferris Wheel that overlooks the Château d’Anger and to sample the foods on offer in one of the hundreds of stalls. Then there is the Fete des Lumiéres of Lyons, the world-famous Festival of Light. Equally, you could simply make the short journey to Villedieu-la-Blouère to marvel at the Buche de Noels and other confections in the windows of the bakery.

Above all, the Chateau de Bois Giraud offers the scope to create whatever form of Christmas celebration you and family and friends desire – be it The Queen’s Speech accompanied by a glass of Cointreau or a cross-cultural blend of Bredalas de Noël biscuits and Morecambe & Wise. And so, for the 6th December – Happy St. Nicholas Day.