Sometimes the work of a humble blog writer is most challenging. Only a few
weeks ago, I begged the family to send me a few images of them enjoying life
at the Chateau. ‘Let the photographs capture your trip’s many and varied
pleasures,’ I begged. ‘Let “Joie de Vivre” be your key phrase in these images!’.
The reader may judge for themselves the response to my request. Some family
members look happy while others wear the expression of one faced with the
imminent task of wash-up. One or two have a look best described as ‘Come in,
Mr. Bond – we’ve been expecting you’.
But this is all part of the domestic routine, together with teenage members of the
group developing a sudden interest in exam revision when faced with household
duties. Above all, the picture illustrates the theme of so many of our blogs. The
Chateau is a place for family gatherings instead of standing on ceremony. Dine
in the hall, stage a poolside barbeque or arrange an al fresco supper on the lawn
as the mood takes you. 2024 might even see a 60 th birthday party or, rather, a
53 rd . It all depends on the celebrant’s claimed year of birth.
And this writer might even bring his guitar to the Chateau for the great day.
That really would prompt some interesting facial expressions.

Happy (ish) days are here again…