For any visitor with an acute interest in fine wines, matters equestrian or merely a desire to banish all memories of grey suburbs in the rain, a trip to Saumur will be essential.

Surrounding the Medieval buildings are the famous wine cellars and vineyards from  Chinon to Bourguei and Coteaux du Layon.  La Maison Ackerman, La Maison des Vins de Saumur, Le Secret des Papilles and Le Château de Targe are all very much worth individual visits for their tours and the opportunity to replenish the wine cellar.

Meanwhile anyone with an interest in horses, from riding to merely collecting Dick Francis books, will have heard of  Le Cadre Noir and July is an especially good time to visit as this is the month of Le Carrousel de Saumur, one of the most famous riding displays in all of France.

Le Carrousel de Saumur