Now that we have all recovered from the recent shock of seeing ourselves on screen on Escape to the Chateau: DIY we would very much like to answer some of the most often-asked questions about running Chateau de Bois Giraud. So –

Who does the cleaning?

We have professional cleaners for the changeover on Saturday. They arrive at 1000hrs and the process tends to take around five hours.

Who maintains the grounds?

We have a gardener who looks after the garden area around the Chateau and Cleone, other mother is responsible for keeping the patio area, area round the pool and drive at the front of the Chateau free from weeds.  A neighbouring farmer cuts the fields around the Chateau making hay bales.

Who built the barbeque?

Jon – to bring a touch of Australian culture to the Loire Valley! It is charcoal fired and in good weather, the barbeque really comes into its own.

How long does it take to cycle to the village?

Around 10 minutes.

How often do you visit the Chateau?

Usually, we go there for one week in April and one week in October to attend to all of those essential jobs. However, we sometimes also go during the February half-term and at other times if it is necessary.

What are your favourite pastimes when you are in France?

Marian – ‘I love going to the Friday market at Clisson for the wines and foods – in fact for the quintessential local produce. There is also the chichi fregi maker – imagine a kind of super-doughnut served hot!’

What do your children do when they are at the Chateau?

You can often find them in the Games Room, with all the many and various attractions therein, or at the pool – or simply enjoying the grounds.  They also enjoy a game of hide and seek, outside in good weather, or inside when the weather isn’t so kind.

What is the biggest event that Chateau de Bois Giraud has hosted to date?

Our local friend Isabelle who helps us with the Chateau staged her 40th birthday celebration and her wedding party there, we are delighted to say.

Would you like to live there full time?

Alas, that would be impossible due to work and family.

Could we hold our wedding at the Chateau?

Most certainly!  Please do get in touch with your requirements.